Constant torque hose clamps

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Constant torque hose clamps are a type of hose clamp designed to provide uniform sealing pressure over time, even as the hose and fitting materials expand and contract due to temperature changes or other factors. Unlike traditional hose clamps, which require re-tightening over time, constant torque hose clamps are designed to maintain a consistent level of torque on the hose, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

These clamps typically have a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically adjusts the clamping force as needed, compensating for changes in the hose's diameter. This feature makes them ideal for applications where temperature variations are common, such as automotive, industrial, and plumbing systems.

Some popular brands that manufacture constant torque hose clamps include:

  1. Murray Corporation: Murray is a well-known manufacturer of various clamping solutions, including constant torque hose clamps, for automotive and industrial applications.
  2. Breeze Industrial Products: Breeze is a trusted brand that produces a wide range of hose clamps, including constant torque clamps, known for their durability and reliable performance.
  3. Ideal-Tridon: Ideal-Tridon is a global leader in clamping solutions, offering a variety of hose clamps, including constant torque clamps, used in various industries.
  4. Rotor Clamp, Inc.: Rotor Clamp specializes in producing high-quality constant torque hose clamps for a diverse range of applications.
  5. Norma Group: Norma Group is a well-established manufacturer of engineered joining technology solutions, and they also offer a selection of constant torque hose clamps.

Please note that the availability of brands and their products may vary depending on your location and specific requirements. Always ensure that the hose clamp you choose is appropriate for your intended application and meets the required specifications.

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